2013 was yet another great year for Justin Lofton as he competed in five NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Races, yielding him a Top 10 finish along with two Top 5 finishes for the season.  Lofton also made the jump to the exciting world of Stadium Super Trucks (SST).  The SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks feature identically prepared high-horsepower off-road trucks that race on virtually any surface.  The series continues to grow, bringing off-road racing to large events and venues that expose the great sport of off-road racing to the masses.  Lofton took to the field during the 2013 season in his SST truck and earned the Fast Qualifier first race in Phoenix, followed by three 1st place finishes in Long Beach, California; Toronto, Canada; and Orange County, California.


Heading into 2014, Lofton carried over the momentum from his previous season by competing in four NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Races which earned him two Top 10 finishes and one Top 5 Finish, in addition to a Pole Award at (Which Race?).
Shifting gears from the track to the dirt, Justin Lofton also competed in the Best In The Desert 2014 season.  He had an amazing year with a 1st Place finish at Silver State 300 and at the Vegas to Reno race.  He rounded up the season with a 3rd Place finish at the Henderson 250 and a 2nd Place Finish at the Imperial Valley race.  2014 was a transition year for Lofton both in racing and personal.  He moved from Charlotte, NC back to California so he could help with the family cattle business. 


2015 was a big year for Justin Lofton and the whole Lofton family.  Justin married his sweetheart Lisa in February, which led to other good things in life.  Now working full time in the family business, but never taking his eye off racing, Lofton kept charging forward in his racing career.  A new JIMCO Trophy Truck was built from the ground up, applying new technology and race dynamics Lofton had picked up along the way in other forms of racing.  Charging the field in full force, Lofton ran a strong race at the Mint 400 – also known as “The Great American Race”.  After a long day battling it out with top drivers and the extreme Nevada desert terrain, Lofton emerged victorious with a 1st Place finish.  This was the beginning of something good.  Some would even go as far as saying this was a pivotal year for Lofton. 
Even with two big crashes in subsequent races, Lofton was able to get back up and stay focused heading into the 2016 season.


Back at it, Justin Lofton returned to the Mint 400 off-road race in 2016 ready to do battle.  With only a few months of recovery from two major crashes, Lofton and his team put together a fast truck.  During qualifying, Lofton was able to get the fastest time, giving him a top position and promising momentum heading into the race.  Many race fans were thrilled Lofton had made a comeback, but what they didn’t know was that Lofton was also here to make history.  After fending off a full field of equally competitive racers, Lofton made a full come back with a back-to-back win at the Mint 400.  Not only was this a great day in racing, but also in motorsports history.  Justin Lofton is the only Trick Truck driver to ever pull this off.
After having an amazing year in racing, Lofton re-located to West Texas in October to take over the family cattle operation.  One could say this boy knows how to take the bull by the horns.


2017 brought new life to the Lofton family with the addition of Liam, Justin and Lisa’s first born.  Splitting his time between Texas and California running the cattle business, Lofton still managed to find time to go racing.  Lofton headed down south to Baja California, Mexico with a band of brothers to race in the 50th Anniversary SCORE Baja 1000 with a completely new JIMCO Trophy Truck.  Not only was it an epic and historical race, but they also succeeded in finishing one of the hardest SCORE Baja 1000 races.  What a year!


The journey continues for Justin Lofton in 2018.  Stay connected and up to date by subscribing to Lofton’s social media channels.  It’s going to be a great ride!